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D.O.C.G. Ceramic

D.O.C.G. stands for Design Opti-flor Connected Green. Under this label Opti-flor brings its ceramic product lines to market. These ceramics are developed exclusively for Opti-flor. The high-quality ceramics are an added value to the already distinctive, special varieties of orchids that Opti-flor grows. All D.O.C.G. ceramics are also available without plants.

D.O.C.G., means "controlled designation of origin" and is a quality label in Italy that must guarantee product quality assurance. Our various types of ceramics have each been given the name of an Italian wine region.

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Orchids in an urban jungle-style interior

Ever considered Phalaenopsis orchids for your 'urban jungle' style interior? You should! These tropical gems are a wonderful addition to plant filled living spaces and provide a pop of colour between fresh greenleaves. To help them stand out, Chantal Vollenbroek placed them in a cool frame. Grouped together they have even more impact! Or how about these white 'Artisto' in it's cool planter? Placed against a colourful background, the white flowers pop!

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Rustic interior inspiration

In collaboration with Flower Factor we developed lots of rustic interior inspiration. Look at how gorgeous these 'MyMonro', 'Opti-Multi' and 'Boquetto' are as center pieces in a rustic interior. 

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Creativity with Artisto

Perfect symbiosis of elegance and playfulness. Artisto is the perfect symbiosis of elegance and playfulness. The flower-covered spikes of this compact plant hang loose over the side of the pot. Artisto and its lovely flowers are thus eminently suitable for creating low table arrangements.

Artisto is available in 3 new mixed variaties; 

Bright Boost
Red Dream
Purple Rain


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Spring metamorphosis of your living room

Are you looking forward to the sun returning in the spring? You can already bring spring into your home and transform your living room with the lovely creations from the Opti-flor collections.

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Not just white

Tasteful inspiration for your interior with stunning white Phalaenopsis beauties from Opti-flor. Theatro and Willd Orchid are eminently suited for use with different styles of interior. The inspiring images given below were created in collaboration with FlowerFactor.

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Inspiration week 23

In collaboration with four other Westland orchid nurseries, Opti-flor successfully organised 'Inspiration Week 23' in 2016. A great impression of all the floral inspiration can be found on this page.

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