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With over 25,000 species, the orchid is one of the largest plant families on earth. The many variations of the orchid continuously inspire us to discover new aspects of that beauty. Opti-flor originated from the dream to create something really special, different than usual. We create unique orchid collections of unsurpassed 5-star quality. We do this better and recognizably different every day, so that consumers enjoy the most special orchids, at home or at work. 

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The summer has officially started! Important to pay extra attention to the plants in the house. We have come up with something handy for this. Aquo is a unique watering system for perfect growth and flowering. Thanks to this ingenious watering system from Opti-flor, the plant itself supplies its water needs. Replenish the amount of water in the reservoir in time and your plant "drinks" exactly the right amount for optimum growth and flowering.

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Olala Bellissimo
Olala Bellissimo

Exclusive five-star collections

Opti-flor is a groundbreaking orchid grower with the most distinctive, widest product range on the European market. Unique varieties, always with the wow factor: 5-star quality in outstanding colors. All concepts are divided into seven collections. Each collection has its own story, experience and appearance. This positioning in collections provides high-quality florists and garden centers throughout Europe guidance in their product assortment, always recognizable. We surprise them with an Opti-flor total experience that is perfectly tailored to the needs of the consumer.

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D.O.C.G. ceramic

D.O.C.G. stands for Design Opti-flor Connected Green. Under this label Opti-flor brings its ceramic product lines to market. These ceramics are developed exclusively for Opti-flor. The high-quality ceramics are an added value to the already distinctive, special varieties of orchids that Opti-flor grows. All D.O.C.G. ceramics are also available without plants. 

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Olala Bellissimo


Phalaenopsis does best at a temperature between 20°C and 24°C. Make sure that the temperature does not fall below 16°C.

Dip your orchid 5-10 minutes weekly in a bucket of water. After dipping please let your orchid leak out. It now can last without a new supply of water for at least 7 days.

It is important that Phalaenopsis has an airy soil, which provides moisture-retaining drainage. Special orchid soil is available from most garden centres and is essential.

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